Answering the question – What IS The Shift

Check this page for the links mentioned in the video! Although many things change, including the way I look, The Shift remains the same. (The 7 Day & 7 Week Ecourses are now the book: The Daily Shift)

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  • Where You Are Is Where You Must Be September 16, 2014
    They walked right through my screen door. I assured them I had done it myself, and I knew how to fix it. It’s a retractable screen door. This means that instead of stopping forward progress as a regular screen door would, it pops out of its tracks, and before you know it, you are on […]
    Beca Lewis

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  • Do We Really Get What We Expect? September 22, 2014
    Yes and No. There are laws that can be bent, broken, interrupted, or made to fit circumstances. Human laws, even laws like gravity, are like that. Universal laws are not. They are the way things are. One of those laws is “we see, and experience, what we expect to see and experience.” We may say, […]
    Beca Lewis