The Shift / Beca Lewis

The Shift® System:
Working From The Inside Out

The Marriage of Spirituality & Practicality

A guide through the steps of a simple, but profound, shift of perception to experience the fulfillment of your life’s purpose.

What is The Shift®?

The Shift® is the practice of shifting our perception from a material point of view to a spiritual point of view.

Why is that important?

Because, our lives are a projection of our thoughts and beliefs, which build our perceptions, and it is our perceptions that determine what we experience.

In order to experience the truth of existence we must wake up from the dream, perception, of separation and dualism. As we awake, the beliefs that we are humans living in a material universe dissolve.

Do we create?

Our perceptions don’t create anything, they only hide from view what is already present, the abundance of the Infinite because the law is: “What we perceive to be reality magnifies.”

The Shift® is a system designed to achieve spiritual perception, which frees us from a belief in a small r reality, or a material universe, and reveals Big R Reality, the spiritual universe.

What is Big R Reality?

Big R Reality is because God Is. Everything that we see and experience in big R Reality is God. Everything is present as God only, as God’s thoughts, including us.

If we use the word Good for the word God, which is its original meaning, then all there is – is Good, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, and omniaction.

Only one universe, perfect now.

Omni means that are not two universes, one that we live in now that we must learn from and then leave, but One, perfect, here and now. In big R Reality, in Truth, the only perceiver is God, and we are what It perceives.

As we shift to a spiritual perception what appears as our life shifts too. This is because the outside world, that we accept as real, is actually a perception or projection of what we have agreed to be true.

What do we have to do?

In The Shift® there is the awareness that there is nothing for us to do but to shift our perception, and then act as if what we say is True is True. It is our intent to become increasingly more awake & conscious of the true essence of Life.

It is easy to say, but sometimes hard to do, because not only do we have to learn how to shift our point of view perception, but also our state of mind perception.

Would you wake up with us in The Shift?

Look up – at the bar at the top of the page – to find home study courses, books, audios, guided courses, even an online shift community at Perception U, everything you need to support your shift.

Questions or comments .. please leave them below and we will get back to you!

I am looking forward to sharing together,

Beca Lewis

Thank You For Your Comments!

  • Divine Destiny Grace

    I think this video of you is fantastically inspiring and right on. Your uncompromising singularity where there are not two worlds was so eloquently expressed. Thank you for stepping up into your purpose as a messenger of God.

  • theshift

    Thank you so much!!

  • Olga

    Hi, I just posted an article on a shift in life and scribe told me to connect with this blog….great article!! :) Thanks!

  • Gina

    Yesterday, I attended my 1st Living Consciousness seminar. It was in regard to learning how to participate in the SHIFT that is taking place. A friend of mine referred me to your site. I am happy to see this info. is reaching many others. Thank You!

  • Gina

    The ” shift ” is really taking place on our planet. Thanks for starting this site!

  • Julia Evola

    What is your position re: Barbara Marx Hubbard’s ‘Pale Horse’ comments?

    I feel that we can shift without murdering others.

    Yours in peace and consciousness

  • admin

    Julia, I don’t know what Barbara said, but I definitely believe that we must shift without murdering others.

  • Rev. Deb Ross

    I am the founder and Director of the first Interfaith Seminary that trains Interfaith Ministers how to minister into the Shift… (In NYC)
    I just used your piece about “Transparency and your Stories” for my second year class of Ministers to Be, as a teaching tool, on how to use their stories in sermons but not be attached to them. I had them write a 5 minute sermon as an exercise, not only in sermon writing, but as a personal growth tool, and it was awesome!
    Thank you so much for providing such great food for growth, as we move further along this path of shifting a letting go of what does not serve us anymore.
    Please feel free to check out ISIS as well.
    Rev. Deb Ross

  • admin

    Thank you so much Rev. Deb! Your work looks wonderful .. thank you for sharing it! I hope you are able to use more of The Shift Ezine’s for the benefit of others.

    Much Love, Beca

  • Michael Pratt

    Greetings! I have a bumper sticker that I created and had copyrighted called ‘Shift Happens”. IF you would be interested in selling it on your site or what have you, please let me know.

    Michael Pratt