Answering the question – What IS The Shift

Check this page for the links mentioned in the video! Although many things change, including the way I look, The Shift remains the same. (The 7 Day & 7 Week Ecourses are now the book: The Daily Shift)

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  • Where You Are Is Where You Must Be September 16, 2014
    They walked right through my screen door. I assured them I had done it myself, and I knew how to fix it. It’s a retractable screen door. This means that instead of stopping forward progress as a regular screen door would, it pops out of its tracks, and before you know it, you are on […]
    Beca Lewis

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  • What the Hummingbird Teaches Us September 7, 2014
    For about a week this summer, whenever I stood at the front window and looked outside at the garden below, a hummingbird would stop drinking from the zinnia’s and morning glories, and fly straight up to my eye level, and look at me before returning to her tasks. Sometimes, I would politely ask her if […]
    Beca Lewis